We would like to propose to you our spiruline. Spiruline is the oldest form of life on earth.

It is consumed by hundreds of tribes in africa because of it's richness in nuriments.It is a dried seaweed that almost contains 70% prteins; It is perfect for trainigs and already used by hundreds of athletes.

It improves your health because it contains several vitamins like vitamins A, B, E and also conatains iron, calcium and amino acids.
Proteins: are the basics of muscle's structure, tendons and hemùoglobin.
Amino acids:are necessary for the muscle's fabrication and their mending. They allow in a certain way to retard tiredness during efforts.
Nutriments:(iron, vitamins, antioxidants) are necessary to decrease the loss linked with physical efforts and to improve you resistance.
glucids are the "fuel" that makes your muscles work.

 It will permit you to improve your training and to recover easier after tournaments.
Spiruline isn't considered as a drug, but as a food complement that contains several vertues.
Eat spiruline will permit you to:

*improve endurance and resistance
*avoid nutriment deficiencies
*maintain and improve your muscles
*keep or retrieve vitality

It can be accompanied with a fruit juice to make the assimilation of some of the amino acids, like iron, easier.
You can also add it to yoghurt or in meals.

Spiruline is a food nutrient that contains a high nutritional density ( like wheat, beer yeast,soya, eggs) and it is for that reason it is often considered as a hunger blocker.

The Spiruline that we are proposing today is produced in Marocco near Ouarzazate by a young person wanting to make his village re-live.
Conditioning of the production is optimal. The ponds, where water is tested regularly par laboratories.

We will be present during the big maroccan marathons like Zagora at the end of December and “les sables “

 shipping on request

 16 € for 100g of capsules

 recommended dosage for sportsmen:

-occasional pratice: 4 to 6 cap/day

-regular pratice -intensive practice:

one month treatment renewable as needed



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